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Scan Cards & Badges

Works with physical business cards and conference badges.

Create Contacts

Scanned cards can easily be converted to a contact.

Enrich Contacts

The only app that enriches the contact in real-time with Twitter, LinkedIn & others.

Works Offline

Operates in connected and disconnected environments.

Synchronize Contacts

Synchronize your contacts between Wingman & Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

Upcoming Features

Contact deduplication, expanding language coverage, and more.

How Wingman is different

We invested years in developing and training machine learning models to make Wingman fast and accurate. The ability to achieve human-level accuracy at practically zero cost enables Wingman to provide differentiated value.


Pairing real-time scans with human review to achieve 100% accuracy.


Scan in 2 seconds with accuracy – even while in an Uber.


From scan to connecting on social networks within 4 seconds.


In transit and at rest, your data is encrypted and secure.

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Video Demonstration

Demonstrates how easy it is to scan a business card and pull up social profiles

Watch Wingman scan a card, accurately capturing all the fields, and render social contacts from social networks...all within 2 seconds.

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App Screenshots

The intuitive design makes it easy to rapidly capture contact information by scanning a business card or entering it manually.

  • Export digital images
  • Export contacts
  • Share contacts and cards
  • Capture and sync notes
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Wingman is available for free download on Google Play & App Store

You will receive one month of the Professional Plan for free.

  • Business card scans complete within 2 seconds.
  • Search results from across the internet.
  • Wingman takes privacy seriously. Only you can access your data.
  • Synchronize Wingman with Google Contacts, Apple Contacts, and MS Exchange.

Choose Personal or Professional

New users receive one month free of the Professional Plan. After one month you can choose to remain on the Professional Plan or convert to the Personal Plan


Personal Plan

  • Synchronize Contacts
  • Link Contacts to Social Profiles
  • Access Contacts via Mobile Web



Professional Plan

  • Personal Plan Features Plus:
  • Real-time Business Card Scanning
  • Real-time Conference Badge Scanning
  • Quality Verification
  • Real-time Social Search
  • Contact Enrichment
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