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Fast & Accurate Scans

No touch business card scanning with guaranteed accuracy and in under 2 seconds.

Sync Contacts

Synchronize contacts bidirectionally across Apple, Google, and Exchange. Populate Salesforce and Google Sheets.


Eliminate annoying duplicate contacts. Identifies potential duplicates and you customize how to merge.

Real-time Social Search

Don't miss out on a connection. Find common talking points in seconds from social profiles.

Team Sharing

Keep business and personal separate. Never enter contact data into your company's CRM again.

Concierge Review

Your personal concierge to review quality and find additional connections across social networks.

How Wingman is Different

We invested years in developing and training machine learning models to make Wingman fast and accurate. The ability to achieve human-level accuracy at practically zero cost enables Wingman to provide differentiated value.

Social Search

From scanning a business card to connecting on LinkedIn within 5 seconds.

Guaranteed Accuracy

In order to find the right person on social media, the scans have to be fast and accurate.

Apple Sync

The only app that syncs Apple with Google and MS Exchange without collecting iCloud credentials.

No Touch Scanning

Never touch a business card again. With Scanning Stabilization, you can accurately scan a moving card.

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Watch Video

Demonstrates how easy it is to scan a business card and pull up social profiles

Watch Wingman scan a card, accurately capturing all the fields, and render social contacts from social networks...all within 2 seconds.

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App Screenshots

These screenshots illustrate the ease of use and clean design.

  • Scan offline without interruption
  • Choose where to sync each contact
  • Profile images populated automatically from social networks
  • Search cards and contacts, even if you decide not to create a contact from the card scan
  • From the Discover tab of the contact, search for this contact across social networks
  • Receive and configure push notifications
  • Card Detail presents additional details about the card, like who scanned it and the location of the scan
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Wingman is available on Google Play & App Store

You can download the Wingman app from Google Play and App Store. If you experience any issues, there is live support directly from within Wingman.

  • Make your contact list clean and beautiful
  • Discover more about your contacts
  • Scan business cards with speed and confidence
  • Never manually enter contact data into a CRM again
  • Don't feel uncomfortable by not accepting a business card due to COVID-19 concerns. Scanning stabilization makes it easy to get accurate scans.
  • Scan both business cards and conference badges
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